Piazza Italia

Food with a True Italy Experience

A good meal is more than just delicious food – it’s taking pleasure in cooking for those you love, and slowing down to embrace every moment spent at the table.  A good meal is about the experience and that is what we at Piazza Italia love to give.  Piazza means the town square.  There are thousands of piazza’s through out Italy they date back to the Roman Empire. Each piazza is distinct in nature and represents the culture and architecture of its town, in the ancient times they were used for ancient games, theater and public demonstrations. The “fountains” and statues are symbolic in most piazza’s witch were hand crafted by local artist!! In today’s time piazzas have evolved to a social place of gathering where you will find authentic Italian resteraunts, gelotorias, and fresh markets, they are also used for local musicians to show case their talents and in some cases even full blown concerts. Locals and tourist alike gather their for there enjoyment and to have the complete authentic Italian experience!! Welcome to our version of “Piazza Italia” right here in down town ft Lauderdale. Bene venuto

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